Be kind to yourself, be gentle with yourself, take care of yourself


“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” 

– Jim Rohn –

We only get one body. It’s pretty irreplaceable, well parts of it might be, but the whole thing, that is something that we need to cherish and love and adore and take care of.

Most other things are replaceable when they get broken, TVs, cars, furniture, stuff in general. And most things are replaceable when they’re lost, passports, credit cards, keys, mobile phones, etc.

So my message and for today is very simple. Love yourself, and love your body. Treat it well. Put good things in it, good food, good thoughts, good liquids. Nourish it and it will give   back to you in equal measure.

Inspiration for today

Loved ones in my life who aren’t very well at the moment.


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