Go with the flow


Be certain that what you wish to happen will happen, but also be certain in your uncertainty of how it will happen.

– Kat Kinnie –

I just wanted to share something that I have noticed starting to happen in my life over the last few days.

Life has just started getting easier. Opportunities have just started presenting themselves to me, without me even seeming to have to do anything to create them. And I know exactly why this is.

I’ve just chosen to go with the flow more.

I’ve also chosen to have as positive a mindset in every single moment, of every single day, that I possibly can. Whenever a teeny tiny ounce of doubt or worry or uncertainty has snuck into my head (and thoughts can be sneaky when they want to), I’ve just let them disappear as quickly as they appeared. And I have chosen to replace them with thoughts and feelings of confidence and certainty in what I’m doing in that very moment.

And low and behold, the Universe is rewarding me for this, in exchange for me trusting in it.

Sometimes you just need to let go of the how, and trust that whatever you are wishing for and desiring to happen, will happen.

As long as it is something that you truly and deeply would love to happen. Someone you wish to meet, something you wish to achieve or have in your life. As long as you feel holistic and deep and unconditional love for something you would like, the Universe will help you. You just need to let go of the how. Don’t force it. Just let things be and watch how amazingly and beautifully your life will then play out in front of you.

It’s so much fun and so exciting.

So, my thought for the day is this. Get clear on what you would love to happen in your life. It might be an exciting new job or project or business venture or partnership, it might be a new relationship, it might be a pay rise or an awesome new client, it might be better health, it might be learning a new hobby. Whatever it is, get clear in your mind what you desire. Tell yourself that you absolutely deserve this amazing thing to happen in your life. Believe in your body and your mind. Feel that this thing will definitely happen with absolute certainty, and then let it go. Set it free, like the setting free of a carrier pigeon.

Imagine that you have let the carrier pigeon go off into the Universe with your wish attached to its neck. And now, all you need to do is trust that it will bring it right back to you. You don’t need to know how it will come back to you, the route it will take, or how long it will take, you just need to trust that it will come back.

And just the same as the pigeon will go with the flow of the wind, the weather and the currents while it is on its journey. You must allow life to just flow too. Trust it and let awesome things happen.

When the Universe brings you people or events or experiences to help to bring you your wish, even if they are seemingly unrelated, receive them into your life and embrace them. Trust that no matter how random or serendipitous these things may be, like stepping-stones for crossing a river, each and every one will bring you closer to receiving your wish.

And just the same as when Aladdin made his wishes with the genie from the lamp. He didn’t spend time or energy worrying about how they were granted, he just made them and trusted that the genie would make them happen.

Trust the Universe, trust the genie and go with the flow.

Inspiration for this post

Disney’s Aladdin – Genie song ‘Friend like me’ – You Tube

Amir Zoghi’s Daily Video Blog – Episode 2 – Certainty in Uncertainty 


2 thoughts on “Go with the flow

  1. I love this, Kat, and I’ve found the same thing happening in my life over the past few weeks because I:
    1 – Finally admitted what I really wanted to be doing
    2 – Released my worries about the ‘how’, and started trusting that I’d be guided now that I was clear

    • Thanks Jaqueline. So happy that you’ve embraced what you’d really love to do and have let go of the how. This is when the magic happens! Lots of love to you x x x

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