Go For It

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“Screw it, let’s do it”

– Richard Branson –

As I was scurrying to catch my ferry this morning in Manly, this was what a lovely older gentleman said to me as a whizzed past him, and it couldn’t sum up how I’m feeling about life right now, any better.

I have definitely mentioned in previous posts like ‘Don’t over think stuff’ that I am pretty awesome at procrastinating. In fact, if it was an Olympic Sport, I’m sure I’d make it to the podium.

However, I am also really, really good at taking action, when I decide. And this is the space that I am in at the moment. I feel as though I’m coming out of a bit of a vague haze about what direction I’m moving in and what needs to happen next and I am just deciding to Go For It.

And, when this Business and Marketing Course that I am on finishes on Tuesday, I know exactly what I will be doing on Wednesday. I will be setting out exactly how I would like my life to be and enlisting the help of The Law of Attraction and the amazing catalogue of the Universe to help me create a life that I love.

I will be designing exactly how I would like my life to be. What I would like to fill each day with. How often I would like to travel. How much money I would like to be earning on a monthly basis. I will then submit that to the Universe. Think it in my mind every day, feel it in my body in every moment and set about taking the necessary action in order to make my dream life happen.

And most importantly, I will be sharing every step of my journey with you all to show you how easy it is to achieve your dreams. I did it last year when I decided that I wanted to set up my own company, sponsor myself for a visa to stay in Australia through that visa and find a beautiful new boyfriend. I did it when I decided that not only did I want to celebrate my birthday with my sister and her husband in Auckland, New Zealand, but I also did it when I thought it would be cool to celebrate Christmas with my entire family in an idyllic holiday home on a lake in Queenstown. I did it when my Dad and I, over the Christmas period together, one morning over breakfast as we overlooked the lake decided that it would be cool for us to go to the Australia Formula 1 GP together a few months later in March.

All of these things have happened, because I have thought about them, decided that I wanted them to happen because I would LOVE for them to happen, filled my body with the feeling that they will happen, visualised them happening and then have taken the necessary action to make them happen. Some would say it is luck or coincidence, I say it is the magic of the Universe mixed with my desire to make my dreams become a reality.

I now know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that I can manifest incredibly wonderful and amazing things in my life. I have the ability to create. Now the only question is, what do I wish to dream up and have it become a reality next?

And my suggestion for today would be, think about something that you would really, really like. It could be as small as going out to dinner with your favourite person, or it could be something bigger like getting a new job or a car or going on holiday.

Focus on that one thing. Think about it, visualise it already having happened. Think positive thoughts about it. Fill your body with positive feelings about that thing. Do things that you love, that make you happy. Raise your vibrations so that you are emitting positive energy to the Universe. Ensure that you are being grateful for everything that you have in your life. Do good and kind things for others and the Universe will reward you with good karma back. And most importantly, take action every day to bring you closer to realising your dream. Send emails, make phone calls or receive things or people into your life that the Universe sends you to help you make your dream come true.

And in short, go for it!

Inspiration for this post

The beautiful and lovely gentleman who I ran past this morning in Manly

The Pursuit of Happyness – Your Tube


4 thoughts on “Go For It

    • Absolutely mishunderstood. Taking action is super important. We can’t just rely on our dreams to magic out of nowhere, we need to make them happen. 🙂

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