The importance of Trust


“Trust yourself, you know more than you think you do.” 

– Benjamin Spock – 

A lack of trust in others, is just a lack of trust in yourself. 

I can’t remember the day that I realised this, or was taught it, but it was a pretty profound one and it has stayed with me for a while. 

For most of my life I was a bit of a control freak. I struggled to let others do things for me or help me out, always thinking that they would screw things up, make a mistake or that I could do a better job. 

This happened throughout the predominance of my 20s until I hit burnout at the age of 28. There were a number of things that contributed to this, but one of the reasons was my inability to reach out to others and trust that they could help me. 

I did a lot of personal development last year and am still on a wonderful, magical mystery tour of self discovery as I become more and more connected with my true self and less connected with my ego. And a large part of this development has been learning to trust myself, which in turn has allowed to me trust others, as we are all mirrors of one another. And a lack of trust in someone else and the need to control a person or situation is just a lack of trust in ourselves. 

So, what is the take away from today’s post. Trust yourself my darlings. You have everything you could possibly ever need right inside of you. Trust your instinct. Trust your heart. And connect with your body, rather than your mind when making a decision. 

How can you do this? Very easily. Meditation is key.

5 steps to a simple meditation

  1. Simply find a quiet place
  2. Sit down and close your eyes
  3. Focus on your breathing to bring you into the present moment.
  4. Breath in through your nose and out through your nose.
  5. Count 1 on the in breath and 2, 3 on the out breath until you get to 10 and start again from 1. 

And when you come out of the meditation ask yourself the question, ‘What do I need to know?’ and see what comes up for you. Or ‘What would love do?’

The more I live in the present moment, the more I make decisions from my heart and from a place of love and the more I trust myself, the more I see an amazing transformation in the people around me and in my reality. 

Are you too distrusting in certain people or situations in your life? Does this happen a lot? Do you try to control situations that you feel out of control of? Next time you feel anxious and the need to take control try these 6 simple steps:

6 steps to trusting yourself and letting go

  1. Stop what you’re doing and close your eyes.
  2. Make sure that your feet are on the ground, ideally take your shoes off if you can.
  3. Take a deep breath in and out.
  4. Count to 10.
  5. Say to yourself, ‘I trust myself and I trust that everything will be ok.’
  6. Place all of your energy on your heart and ask it ‘What do I need to know?’

Then trust that the answer will come to you, and most importantly, be ready to let go of whatever you are trying to control. 

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The importance of trusting yourself and others

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