Anything is possible (Part 2)


“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” 

– Napoleon Hill –

At the moment I am studying the Silva Method, which I am absolutely loving, so wanted to share that with you. It’s a programme that not only helps you to better meditate, but also to have a positive control over your mind and be able to manifest anything you desire. Helping you to make the seemingly impossible, possible. It is one of the most powerful and enjoyable trainings I have done so far in my life and I cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone wanting to raise their consciousness.

Plus there is a fantastic centering meditation exercise that you can download for free from their website, and there is a great app which includes this meditation and others that you can also download for free. This has been created by the lovely people at MindValley.

So, a continuation of the story from yesterday and some more examples of the power of manifesting.

My sister, Nicola and her husband John came to visit Darren and I a couple of weeks ago in Manly, Sydney and we all went up to the Blue Mountains for the weekend. On the first day that we arrived the weather was terrible. It was raining, cold, wet and windy. Did it stop us from going out and enjoying the Blue Mountains? Heck no. Did we decide that before we left, the weather would clear up, so that they could get some beautiful photos of the Blue Mountains? Yes we did. Did that happen? Yes it did. Now some people could say, oh, that’s just a coincidence. But, there are no coincidences. Everything happens for a reason and quite deliberately. And, knowing what I know about the power of intention and manifesting. I am certain, that collectively, we created for the sun to shine, and the clouds to clear so they could take some beautiful photos of the Three Sisters.


What was especially magical, was that as the weather cleared, there was the most beautiful rainbow that appeared, as if projected through the clouds at the base of the Three Sisters. And you can see this in the image at the top of the blog post today.

At the time, I joked that it almost looked like a super hero calling for someone who can make magic happen. Kind of like how when people need Batman, they project a bat into the sky. This time it was a rainbow being projected through the clouds. Which also reminded me of the logo for my business, Thought Cloud.

Yesterday, I also mentioned that I’d tell you about the intention Darren and I set a few weeks ago with the cockatoos who visit our balcony regularly from the nearby trees.

A few months ago, not long after we moved in, we started to feed the Cocky’s with some left over organic nuts that I had. They loved them, and each week, more Cocky’s would find out and would come to visit. First of all there was one (the original Cocky), then he’d bring his friends, a couple more each week.

At one point we had 7 visitors, a few weeks later 11, a few weeks later 14. More and more.  They were becoming our friends, our pets in a sense, but pets that were free to roam and come and go as they please.

A month or so ago I set the intention to have one fly on to my arm and eat from my hand. A pretty brave intention considering that they are quite big birds, and wild too. How do you train a wild bird to come and sit on your arm?

Well, the answer is, I decided. I also decided that any nervousness from the bird, was just a reflection of my nervousness. And on the day that I decided to invite Cocky on to my arm, I put a leather glove on my hand, just in case he pecked my finger by mistake, instead of the nut (this happens from time to time). And invited Cocky on to my arm. It took a little while. He walked up and down the railing on our balcony, and then flew on to my arm and ate the nut out of my hand. It was such a fantastic feeling knowing that a wild bird felt comfortable enough to sit on my arm.

More importantly, it proved that I could manifest something so fantastic.

So, the question for today is, what would you like to set the intention to achieve in life. It could be something big or small? Because, whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve. Anything is possible. 

Tune in tomorrow to learn what happened next when Darren and I set other intentions around making an even better friendship with the Cocky’s.

Sending you lots of love, hugs and light,

Kat x x x

Inspiration for today’s post

Silva Method & the centering exercise


Our trip to the Blue Mountains

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