Everything will be OK (Part 4)


‘Someday everything will all make perfect sense. So for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason.’

– Anon –

Here is the final and fourth part to my mini blog post series. Enjoy, and remember, no matter what happens to you in life, trust that the Universe is looking after you and that everything will be OK.

. . . . . So, this has been a pretty long blog post. It wasn’t my intention for it to be long, but I’m hoping that anyone who has managed to get to the end of it has found it useful.

And most importantly, the whole reason why I write my blog is to share the learning’s that I get from the things I go through in my life, in the hope that even if I help one other person out there with a challenge or problem they might be having, it was worth going through what I went through.

Life is like one big educational system. We’re here to learn. And the more we learn, the more we evolve. We can’t skip grades, and if we keep making the same mistakes and failing at the same things, we will just have to keep repeating the class or the year until we learn what we have needed to learn in order to be able to graduate to the next level.

I feel as though I absolutely needed to learn what I have learnt this year. At times it wasn’t easy and it’s going to take me a little while to pay Darren back, but I know that I will and I am committed to doing so, so that is all that matters.

My business started to pick up right around my 33rd birthday in November. Some people would say it was luck, other people would say that I had learnt what I needed to learn, and therefore, I was ready for the next stage in my soul’s evolution (I’m with the latter one, in case you’re not sure).

I’ve learnt that, my business not making money, was nothing to do with the bunch of questions that I mentioned in Part 1. Quite simply, it had to happen. And now, I have my confidence back, and my relationship with and understanding around money has changed and it is flowing into my bank account like never before. And for that I am truly grateful and thankful.

So, no matter what is going on in your life at the moment, I hope that this blog post will go some way to helping you know that whatever is happening is happening for a reason. That reason might not be clear right now, but I promise it will be in the not too distant future. And when you get to that point and look back, you will realise that the Universe had your back the entire way, and that with a bit of perspective, you’re much better off for having gone through what you went through.

Importantly, trust that you are unconditionally loved and supported by the Universe and as long as you are willing and open to receive that love and support in whichever way it shows up in your life, you don’t need to worry about a thing, because every little thing is going to be alright.

Sending you love, hugs and light,

Kat x x x

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4 thoughts on “Everything will be OK (Part 4)

    • I told you that the Universe has the most wonderful sense of humour. It’s looking out for your my darling and giving you signs left, right and centre. All is well. 🙂 Lots of love x x x

  1. Kat, Thank you for sharing so openly and honestly – your story has definitely assisted me – I love it and I completely agree – the universe has got a bigger perspective for our soul evolution. I say – enjoy the dance. Love and light to you.

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