I will not let go


“Man is literally split in two: he has an awareness of his own splendid uniqueness in that he sticks out of nature with a towering majesty, and yet he goes back into the ground a few feet in order blindly and dumbly to rot and disappear forever” 
– Ernest Becker –

Just something to think on today.

A beautiful friend of mine shared this video with me via Facebook the other day and I knew it would make it into a blog post shortly afterwards.

It perfectly sums up how I’m feeling about the world today, and I have a feeling that it will resonate with whichever beautiful souls are reading this post today.

To hold on, or to let go. That is the question? Or in fact, screw there being only one answer to the question. Perhaps it’s both.

Sending you love, hugs and light,

Kat x x x

Image gratitude – http://shadowness.com/maria-amore/don–t-let-go

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