Go create on the wall of life


‘True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.’
– Albert Einstein –

All of us have an inner creative genius. The only difference is that some of are connected to it and embrace it and some of us don’t.

I was incredibly creative growing up, I loved to write, sing, dance, act, paint, draw, I played the flute . . . the list is endless. However, when it came to choosing subjects to study at school, as much as I wanted to study absolutely everything, I ended up selecting those that were more ‘academic’ or ‘studious’. I was then put into a box which was labelled ‘non-creative’ because I hadn’t studied the creative subjects at school.

Does that mean that my intuitive and naturally creative tendencies and abilities disappeared? No. Did they get lost and forgotten? Yes. Have I been able to re-discover and reconnect with them? Yes.

We all have a creative talent that lies somewhere. I might be in an obviously creative area like writing or painting or music. Or it might be something slightly more lateral like renovating houses or creating magical travel itineraries as a consultant. Either way we all have an inner creative just waiting to be expressed through us on the wall of life.

As I was walking to the LA Hub (a collaborative co-working creative space) today in LA’s Arts District I walked past a fair amount of street art that inspired me.




I love the fact that these people took the time to express and share their creativity on walls, so that people could be entertained and inspired by it whenever they walk past it. Just imagine if these people had decided not to paint on these walls and share their amazing artist talents? The walls would be plain and boring without them.

So, what creativity do you have inside of you that if you shared it on the wall of life, other people would be inspired by it or find joy in it?

Sending you lots of love, hugs and light,

Kat x x x

Inspiration for today’s post

Wall art on Traction Ave, LA

Stop learning, start creating


“It is better to create than to learn! Creating is the essence of life.”

– Julius Ceasar –

I have just watched a fantastic TED Teen talk by an 11 year old astro physicist called Jacob Barnett, who society labelled autistic. It has a very salient message. Stop learning, start thinking, start creating.

And it got me thinking. We spend so much of our lives learning, reading books, studying for courses, taking on other people’s views and opinions, that sometimes we forget to think for ourselves. Sometimes we forget that our own unique take on something, could actually be valuable.

I am currently writing a book on Conscious Branding and I have been researching it for the last month or so. However, every book that I read, doesn’t really satisfy what I’m looking for. There aren’t any useful quotes or references out there to inspire me. So I have actually stopped writing for a few weeks.

After watching this video, I have realised that I need to stop learning and start creating. And as Jacob concludes. I need to be the field, rather than keep looking for it.

Sometimes we just need permission to create. We are brought up in a society that tells us we need to be constantly learning, studying, reading. We have to go to school, we’re encouraged to go to college or university and gain further knowledge, higher education. When in actual fact, perhaps we already know all we need to know and we have everything we could possibly need to create, inside of us.

So my thought for today is, stop learning and start creating. Whatever thing you’re passionate about in life, whether it’s writing, painting, photography, nature . . . . start creating something amazing. Something that is unique. Something that is special.

Sending you lots of love, hugs and light,

Kat x x x

Inspiration for this blog

Forget What You Know: Jacob Barnett at TEDx Teen – You Tube video

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