Songs to make you feel good – Part 1


“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.”

 – Ludwig van Beethoven –

As you’ll all probably have guessed by now, I absolutely love music. It’s an important part of my life, and I also think it can be very powerful in lifting our spirits if we are having a tough day, or reinforcing a really happy moment. Plus it is scientifically proven that listening to or playing music can make you happy, because it causes the brain to release dopamine, which is a feel-good chemical.

I have recently joined Spotify and am loving it, and I tend to create playlists which contain ‘feel good’ music, so I thought I would start to share micro playlists with you of my Top 5 ‘Feel Good’ songs of the moment.

I’m going to aim to share at least 5 songs every month, so that over time you can create one big uber playlist of awesome upbeat, happy, positive songs to listen to when you want to feel good and raise your vibrations.

So here are my Top 5 Feel Good songs of the moment for you. Enjoy!

1. Matt Corby – Resolution

2. Rudimental feta. Ella Eyre – Waiting All Night

3. Empire of the Sun – Alive

4. Robert DeLong – Happy

5. The Lumineers – Hey Ho

Lots of love, hugs and light,

Kat x x x

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My favourite positive, feel good music of the moment (see above)

Why music makes you happy –

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Love every minute


“Freedom is within you
Giving makes us feel good
Hello to our ṗeople
Say hello to the future

Loving every minute cause you make me feel so alive

Alive, alive, alive”

Alive, Empire of the Sun

I went to see the fantastic Australian band Empire of the Sun last night at the Sydney Opera House as part of the Vivd Festival with Darren and some of our beautiful friends.

It was a really brilliant show, not only showcasing the bands fantastic vocal and musical talents, but also offering a real feast for the eyes in the form of an amazing light show. We were also treated to incredible visual graphics projected onto a huge screen behind the band, as well as inspiring choreography from 4 dancers who enjoyed at least 6 costume changes. These ranged from Daft Punk-esque full faced visor helmets, silver spandex catsuits to feather laden shoulder pads and neon guitars. And to top it all the lead singer wore at least 3 different headpieces, giving the last one away to a member of the audience in the front row.

We had really great seats too. Smack bang in the middle of the second row from the front of the Dress Circle, giving us a really holistic view of not only the stage, but everyone below us in the stalls enjoying the show.


And brilliantly of all, we got to dance, in the Opera House. We got to love every minute of the show.

And this is the key to life, enjoy every minute, embrace every moment with surrender and abandonment. Do what makes you feel good. Follow your body and your heart. If it tells you to dance, dance. Let go of any fear or worry, nervousness or anxiety.

Just love every minute, because once it has passed, you won’t get it again.


Inspiration for this post

Empire of the Sun – Alive