You can find your purpose in life, through numbers


“All is number’ 

– Pythagorus –

I know, I know, ‘Find my life purpose through numbers?! What the heck?’ I can hear the words tinkling around your head right now. But perfectly, you’re reading this blog post, so it means that you’re interested enough to find out more, which is awesome.

I have had an interest in Numerology and the significance of numbers throughout my life, but for some reason, never sought out any information on it. That was until last Dec (2012).

I had just arrived at the flat of a client of mine, and despite it looking a little dated and a bit ’70s’ from the outside, when I stepped into her apartment, it had an air of peace and tranquility about it, a very different to the energy I sensed on the outside of the building. When I mentioned this to her, she said that it was because of the number of the apartment.  Interestingly it’s a 2 which represents (amongst other things) peace, harmony and sensitivity.

She then asked me for my birthdate in order to calculate my Life Path number as she could see that I was interested. Her eyes widened as she calculated it, checked it and double checked it. ‘Oh my goodness!’ she said, ‘What?!’ I replied. ‘You’re a 22!!!’, ‘What does that mean?’ I said. And it turns out that it’s a pretty special number numerological.

In order to find my Life Path, we added all of the numbers in my date of birth together (2/11/1980), so 2 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 0 = 22. Or 22/4 as some Numerologists would say. Which turns out is a Master Number and represents The Master Builder. Apparently Master Builders can make the seemingly impossible possible. This now makes perfect sense to me, with regards to what happened last year when I managed to not only set up my business successfully in Australia, but also sponsor myself through it in order to stay. Apparently there aren’t many people (if at all anyone) who has managed to do this before.

However, it all seemed a little far-fetched and a bit overwhelming though at the time, so she kindly leant me a couple of books, which I started to read. I found this information out last December and it took me a good 2-3 months to properly get my head around it and start to apply its significance to my life.

Since starting to read and educate myself about Numerology, more and more people in my life have started to becoming interested in it and I have started to do mini readings for my friends. So, after having done yet another one for a good friend today I decided to write a blog post on it and spread my love of Numerology further.

Numerology goes back a long way, and has many roots. Pythagorus is one of the founding fathers of Numerology as he believed that The Universe could be explained by numbers. Also St Augustine of Hippo (what an awesome name by the way?!) concurred and wrote “Numbers are the Universal language offered by the deity to humans as confirmation of the truth.”

Since learning what I have learnt, I believe that knowing what your Life Path and Expression (or Destiny) numbers are can have a profound effect on how you live your life and what you achieve. And the sooner you become aware of your numbers and embrace them, the easier it is for The Universe to support and help you in life.

According to Numerology, most people live their lives not being aware of what their numbers (or truth) are, and therefore never know how to step into their power and live their full purpose while they are on this planet. Furthermore, The Universe is continuously trying help us in life, by giving us messages in the form of numbers. And it is only those who are particularly present to those numbers that will receive the messages. These messages can come in all kinds of forms anywhere from your favourite number, to the number of your favourite sports player, the number of a favourite house or apartment you lived in, etc.

My favourite number for example has always been 2. This is interesting as it not only shows up in my date of birth as I was born on the 2nd, but in my name as both of my names begin with a K (Kat Kinnie) which is represented by 2 numerologically, and my Personality Number, which is an 11/2.

Numerology is a big subject and there is way too much to say on how fascinating a subject it is in just one post, but I think I will be talking about it a bit more in the future.

What I will say is that the two most significant numbers that anyone should be aware of is your Life Path and your Expression Number. Your Life Path is based on your date of birth and signifies what your purpose is in life and the lessons that you are here to learn. Your Expression or Destiny number is based on the full name that you were given at birth and which features on your birth certificate. And this number represents your talents, abilities and shortcomings.

As mentioned before, my Life Path is a 22/4, which includes the spiritual and intuitive energy of the 11 (i.e. I’m great at coming up with ideas and following my heart and my intuition), but also the grounded energy of the 4 (which means not only can I think up cool ideas, I can execute them too).

This has been a pretty crazy realisation for me, because it perfectly describes what Thought Cloud (my company) is. We help people make their dreams a reality. We help to inspire people to follow their hearts and do what they love, and we provide frameworks, strategies, Action Plans, help, support and advice to help these things become a reality. So it was super cool to realise that I was already living my 22ness last year when I set up my company.

The other important number is your Expression Number. For me, it is 3. This is a highly creative energy, which is prefect as it represents my love of and skill in music (I love to sing), art (I love to paint) and writing (I love to write), amongst other creative things. I have also learnt that it is a pretty scattered energy too, so it explains why in some instances I can be very organised, clean, tidy and orderly in life (my grounded 4 energy), but also how I can be quite disorganised and all over the place at times too.

The great thing is that I can play to both of these numbers whenever I need either organisation to get stuff done, or off-the-wall creativity to design or make something awesome and unique.

So, to tie everything up, if you’re now super interested in Numerology, here is a link where you can calculate your own numbers and start to discover more yourself. I also had an amazing Numerology Reading recently by the fantastic and beautiful Michelle Buchanan, who made sense of everything for me and connected all of the dots.

I’ll definitely be writing other posts about this, as Numerology is a subject that interests me greatly. I also believe that it is a great tool for helping you to discover what your purpose is, if that is something that you’re struggling with.

For those of you who are now bitten by the Numerology bug like me, happy exploring and discovering and be sure to let me know what you find out about your numbers!! I’d love to know.

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