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It seems as though most of my posts recently have been starting, ‘I just watched this awesome video and wanted to share it with you’, so I will continue on that theme today.

I have just watched a fantastic Graduation Speech by the very wonderful and funny comedic, musical genius that is Mr Tim Minchin that he gave recently at the University of Western Australia.

He gives advice to the graduates on life and outlines 8 suggestions throughout his speech:

  1. You don’t have to have a dream
  2. Don’t seek happiness
  3. It’s all luck
  4. Exercise
  5. Be hard on your opinions
  6. Be a teacher
  7. Define yourself by what you love
  8. Respect people with less power than you
  9. Don’t rush

In isolation, they don’t make a whole heap of sense, but in the context of his speech they are poetic, philosophical and really very profound. So if you have a spare 11 minutes today, I can highly recommend indulging them in watching the clip.

This aside I have been having some pretty interesting thoughts and feelings on life myself recently. I have dedicated the last 18 months to starting and running my own business, and despite the fact I have put my heart and soul into making it successful and everything I could wish it to be, things have not been moving in the direction I thought they might.

I’ve struggled to find people who need the services that I offer (conscious brand consulting) and even when I’ve found people who love me and what I do, they haven’t been able to pay me for my services. As such, I have come to the conclusion recently that either there is something that I’m not doing, that I should be doing, or that perhaps it’s just not meant to be.

I still don’t have the absolute and final answer, but I’m pretty close to giving up and admitting defeat. Which is OK.

Either way, I guess the learning that I have is, sometimes you just need to let go. Sometimes you need to stop pushing. Sometimes things don’t work out as you’d hope. Sometimes you need to stop doing what you’re doing. Sometimes you need to allow something to fall away, so that you can create space for something else equally (if not more) wonderful to fill its place.

I have no idea how things will roll with Thought Cloud. All I do know is that I’ve come to terms with the fact that it might be time to allow the final curtain to fall and get ready for the next Act to start. Who knows? I’m just going to allow the Universe to do its work and guide me and be open to whoever and whatever shows up in my life to help me out.

Be fearless. Be trusting. Be resilient. Be open. And allow the Universe to take care of you. It knows more about what is right for you in every moment that you can possibly imagine.

Sending you lots of love,

Kat x x x

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