Lighten Up


“A light heart lives long”

– William Shakespeare –

Sometimes we take ourselves, others, our lives, whatever else, way too seriously.

Believe it or not, life is not that complicated or difficult. In fact it’s as easy or as hard as you choose to make it. And you have the choice in every given moment to decide how things are going to go.

The important thing is realising that you need to cut loose and let go. Realising that perhaps a furrowed brow isn’t the best look for you.

And most importantly, no matter how tough you think you have it, there is more than likely someone else in the world having a slightly trickier time that you right now.

After all, sometimes life can be as simple as looking around us and seeing what there is to be joyful about. Looking for things to make us smile and laugh.

If a baby can find some one ripping a piece of paper in half funny, then to be honest, I think we should all be able to see the lighter side of life too.

What can you do right now to lighten up? Can you remind yourself of a rubbish Dad joke that someone once told you? Can you just look in the mirror and give yourself a beautiful smile, or perhaps smile at a stranger on the street (I’ve been doing this all day, I get on average one beaming smile back for every two smiles I give out, which I think is a pretty good ratio). If there was one thing you could do today in order to take your life slightly less seriously, what would it be?

Sending you lots of love, hugs and light,

Kat x x x

Inspiration for this post

The feeling I have when I’m in a yoga class

The funny YouTube video of a baby laughing at someone ripping paper

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