Perfectionism Perschmectionism


“Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.”

– Salvidor Dali –

I had a very beautiful chat with a wonderful new friend of mine today about life, spirituality, philosophy and all things metaphysical. In amongst that we talked about the importance of doing what you loved and I mentioned how much I love writing my blog.

He responded by saying that he would love to write a blog, but that he overthinks and rewrites a blog post 20 times and can take an entire day to get something out, and wishes that he wasn’t so much of a perfectionist.

I laughed and said that since writing my blog, and having written over 120 blog posts since March, I have worked through my previous issues with perfectionism in that I can write, edit and put out a 500 word blog post in about 20 minutes. Sometimes less. The only way I have got to that is by letting go of what I think I should write, or what I think people want to read, and rather just write intuitively. I have also worried less about proofreading everything to heck. Knowing full well that I will be forgiven by my beautiful readers if there is a small typo or spelling mistake and that it’s OK if I use its when I should have used it’s. Because really, it’s the content of what I’m saying that matters, rather than the accuracy of it.

Interestingly, I have just made a mistake, by putting a link to the wrong video in my blog. Now for those people who will be heading directly to my blog, that doesn’t matter, because I have rectified this and they will see the correct video there.

However, for those of you beautiful people who receive my blog directly to your inbox, you will have noticed that the video that I embedded in the post is not that of the Graduation Speech made by Mr Tim Minchin, but actually a video created by a girl who used it to quit a job that she wasn’t that bothered about any more.

So I thought I would write a blog post on this, and highlight the fact that, it’s OK to make mistakes. People won’t think any less of you. Everything happens for a reason and things can be righted as quickly as they were wronged.

And the best advice of all? Worry less about things be perfect and just be. If you make a mistake, it’s OK. If something you do isn’t perfect, it’s OK. At least you did it!

If I hadn’t started writing my blog just because I was worried about making mistakes or it not being perfect, I would never have put the 120 odd blog posts that I have put out there into the Universe. It’s all good.

Sending you lots of love and light,

Kat x x x

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