Just Live


“I think the thing to do is enjoy the ride while you’re on it.”

– Johnny Depp –

I think we can over-complicate life in our heads, when in actual fact the truth of the matter is very simple.

I was talking to Darren (my beautiful boyfriend) the other weekend about the meaning of life, and why we’re all here. It was after I had watched The Secret and I was super excited about adding an important piece to the puzzle in my head, the importance of The Law of Attraction and The Power of Intention.

I was especially excited about the notion that life really can be what we make it, and that all we need to do is decide how we want our life to be and what we want to fill it with.

And this was when he blew all of that out of the water (which he is pretty good at doing) and said something pretty profound.

“I actually think the meaning of life is much simpler than that”, said Darren.

“Go on”, I said.

“Well, I think it’s just about experiences.”

And this completely and utterly dumbfounded me. So simple, yet so true.

All we need to do is focus our energies on just enjoying the experience of living.

Stop thinking about what we should be doing and where we should be going. And rather focus our energies on doing things that we love, being with people that we love in places that we love and life will take care of itself.

And that is my thought for the today. Just live.

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