Give Yourself Permission (Part 1)


“As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence actually liberates others.”
– Marianne Williamson –

It was about this time last year that Numerology was starting to really interest me.

I had been introduced to it by a client of mine in Dec 2012. And I wrote an entire blog post on this entitled ‘You can find your purpose in life, through numbers‘.

As well as realising that I am a 22/4 life path, it became apparent to me that I am Expression/Destiny 3. And in numerology a 3 represents creativity, optimism and positivity amongst many other things.

In numerology, while your life path is like the plot or theme of your life (if it were a book or a movie or a play), your Expression/Destiny number is the character that you play while you walk your life path. So while the 22/4 represents the Master Builder who (if they are vibrating at the 22 frequency) has the ability to make the seemingly impossible, possible, some one with a 3 Expression would be expressing themselves in a very creative way.

And this time last year, and pretty much the entirety of my adult life, I had not been doing that. Interestingly when I was younger, I was very creative and loved to be creative. I loved to sing, I loved to paint, I loved to write, to take photos, the list is endless. However, when it came to choosing subjects to study at school for my GCSEs and A-Levels I was told that I should take those which were ‘academic’.

Even though in my heart I really wanted to study art and music, theatre and design, I ended up taking French and German and Geography and Sociology and Business. Now, I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy those subjects, nor did I not succeed at them. However, I was sad that I didn’t get to study the creative subjects, just to see where they would have taken me in life . . . .

I have no regrets now, because the things that I have done up until now in my career have got me to where I am today. However, one of the things that my numerologist said to me last February when I had a proper reading was that as a 3 Expression I really needed to be expressing myself in as creative a way as possible in life, because that was my destiny. And by doing so, the Universe would support me.

As a result, I started writing this beautiful blog. I also started writing a book. I started to sing more and I started to paint. All of the things that I loved to do as a child, I was bringing back into my life now, and it made me feel happy . . .

To learn about what happened next, tune in tomorrow for Part 2.

Sending you love, hugs and light,

Kat x x x

Go create on the wall of life


‘True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.’
– Albert Einstein –

All of us have an inner creative genius. The only difference is that some of are connected to it and embrace it and some of us don’t.

I was incredibly creative growing up, I loved to write, sing, dance, act, paint, draw, I played the flute . . . the list is endless. However, when it came to choosing subjects to study at school, as much as I wanted to study absolutely everything, I ended up selecting those that were more ‘academic’ or ‘studious’. I was then put into a box which was labelled ‘non-creative’ because I hadn’t studied the creative subjects at school.

Does that mean that my intuitive and naturally creative tendencies and abilities disappeared? No. Did they get lost and forgotten? Yes. Have I been able to re-discover and reconnect with them? Yes.

We all have a creative talent that lies somewhere. I might be in an obviously creative area like writing or painting or music. Or it might be something slightly more lateral like renovating houses or creating magical travel itineraries as a consultant. Either way we all have an inner creative just waiting to be expressed through us on the wall of life.

As I was walking to the LA Hub (a collaborative co-working creative space) today in LA’s Arts District I walked past a fair amount of street art that inspired me.




I love the fact that these people took the time to express and share their creativity on walls, so that people could be entertained and inspired by it whenever they walk past it. Just imagine if these people had decided not to paint on these walls and share their amazing artist talents? The walls would be plain and boring without them.

So, what creativity do you have inside of you that if you shared it on the wall of life, other people would be inspired by it or find joy in it?

Sending you lots of love, hugs and light,

Kat x x x

Inspiration for today’s post

Wall art on Traction Ave, LA