The Power of Intention and Taking Action


“As you move towards a dream, the dream moves towards you.”

– Julia Cameron –

To put it mildly, I am a big fan of setting intentions or goals. In fact, if Intention was a band, I’d follow it around the world, go and watch every gig it played, wear my I Heart Intention t-shirt with pride and shout from the highest mountain I could find, how flipping awesome I think setting intentions are.

I am such a fan of them, I set intentions for the day ahead, every morning before I start my day. I can’t tell you how important it is to get clear about what you’d like to achieve, and then set about taking the relevant action in order to make it happen.

I have done A LOT of personal development over the last 12 months, been to a lot of seminars, met a lot of awesome people and I have noticed that there is one big difference between the people who have made massive positive changes in their life and seen some incredible successes.

It’s very simple, these people share one common attribute. The set goals or intentions, and take massive action in order to achieve them.

After all, it’s one thing to say you’re going to do something, and quite another to actually go and do it.

This time last year I set some really fantastic goals with my coach, that I wanted to achieve by the end of the year, and as a result of getting really clear about what I’d like to see happen in my life, achieved some truly incredibly things.

Some of these things included the seemingly unimaginable, like celebrating Christmas with my family in the South Island of New Zealand and spending 2 weeks there over the festive period and New Year.

Now, some people would say that isn’t that bonkers a goal to set, but considering that when I set the goal, my Mum & Dad, and Sister and Brother-In Law were all living in the UK and had no intention of travelling to NZ in 2012, nor had we ever celebrated Christmas outside of the UK in my 31 years on the planet, it seemed like a pretty tall order.

But somehow, by hook or by crook, we all ended up pulling crackers and tucking into my Mum’s famous Christmas dinner in a beautiful house, by a lake in Queenstown. And I’m so happy that I set that goal!

There is a longer story attached to this, that involves my little Sister and a big change that she made in her life, but I will save that for another post. It’s too awesome and too huge to try to squidge into this one, but it’s truly inspirational, I promise you.

Another big goal that I set for myself was to set up my own business and sponsor myself through that business to stay in Australia.

Now, this is a slightly trickier goal, especially considering that setting up a business in your own country is tricky enough, but travelling 10,000 miles to the other side of the world, and giving it a bash when you have only been there for 6 months is a little more difficult.

Furthermore, most people don’t even know that you can set up a company and sponsor yourself through it, and the people who do know that you can, haven’t even bothered attempting it, because it’s too darn hard.

Lucky that I love a challenge in life, and rarely choose the easy option.

Again, the story about how I went about this, is far too long to tackle in this post, but to say the least, the good news is, I managed it.

However, goodness knows where I would be and indeed where I would have celebrated Christmas and New Year if I had set those incredible goals.

Of course it is great to dream, of course some people will say that we’re crazy to set goals and intentions that are seemingly impossible to achieve, but to be honest, I’ve not set a goal that I would truly love to achieve and not managed it yet. So I’m just going to keep on setting them, the crazier and more bonkers, the better I say!

So, the question is, what dream do you want to realise that secretly you know you could make happen? What would you love to see occur in your life? What would you attempt if you knew you couldn’t fail? I’m sure there is at least one thing in your head and your heart right now, that if you committed to writing it down you could turn into reality, rather than just leaving it as a wish.

Inspiration for this post

A meeting that I had today with my friend and client, Mr Ben Levy