Dare to dream


“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”

– Paolo Coelho, The Alchemist –

I’m currently re-reading The Alchemist for the second time in my life. Reading books twice is not something that I have tended to do, however I have just re-read James Redfield’s The Celestine Prophecy and Antoine De Saint-Exupery’s The Little Prince. These are all books that I first read in my mid-twenties. And it seems that now I am reading them with fresh eyes, noticing things and meanings that were not apparent to me before.

And so, the inspiration for today’s blog post is about the importance of dreams.

At the beginning of the year, I had a dream to write and publish a book this year.

For me, it was a pretty wild dream. Exciting, but a little scary at the same time.

What if no one wanted to read it? What if no one cared what I had to say? What if people didn’t like my writing style? What if I couldn’t find enough words to fill enough pages to make a book? What if I ran out of ideas? What if it just wasn’t good enough?

I could go on . . .

However, it was the dream, the idea, the desire to write a book, that spurred me on. It’s something I have never done. Most people talk all their lives about writing a book, but never actually do.

So I found a course that would help me to write a book. And I started the course back in March. And I started writing the book. Then I stopped. It didn’t feel right. So I started writing another book. The beginning of that book didn’t feel right either, so I changed direction. Now I am 12,500 words into my second book and I haven’t written anything for weeks. Why? Because I haven’t felt to. Why? Because I couldn’t remember why I was writing the book.

Was I writing it for the prestige? No. Was I writing it to benefit me in business? No. Was I writing it because I wanted to write a book? Maybe. I couldn’t work out why I was writing the book, and so therefore, if I wasn’t clear on the purpose of writing it, why the heck should I write it?

And then I watched the beginning of a talk that David Icke gave at Wembley Arena a few years ago entitled ‘Remember Who You Are‘. Now, it might be a little confronting to some people, but in essence he has a powerful message about the importance of taking back your power and deciding to raise your consciousness. This comes in the form of making better decisions about how you live your life, interact with the reality we have created and what we put in our bodies and our minds.

And I felt a very strong urge to start writing my book again. I was reminded that I wanted to write my book, for no other reason than to spread the good word and message about the importance of being conscious. And quite specifically, being conscious in how we set up and run our businesses and create brands.

I remembered that the entire reason I have set up my business is to inspire and educate people about the importance of being clear on your WHY and the importance of living a conscious life, and (if you run one) having a conscious business. And my book aims to shine a light on all of the wonderful beings on the planet who are doing just that, to act as beacons of inspiration for others. To show them that there is another way of doing things and being.

And I was also reminded that writing a book has nothing to do with what comes at the end, because really there is no end. You write a book, you publish it, you make it available for people to buy, you hold a launch party, you tell people that it exists, and that’s that. Then what? Write another? Wait for everyone to tell you how amazing you are for having written it? Make lots of money, because people think you’re more credible now that you have written a book on a subject? Then what? If you’re writing a book for any other reason than the fact that you would love to, then you’re writing it for the wrong reason.

For me, I have realised, it is about the message and it is about the journey. Which is what essentially every experience in our lives is about. It’s about ‘the possibility of the dream coming true that makes life interesting.’

It’s the possibility of writing and publishing a book that makes life interesting for me. Therefore, the only reason I should write a book is if I feel to do so. If it would bring me happiness and joy in the moment and in the process and the journey of writing a book. And I believe it would.

At the same time I would get to interact with some pretty amazing people, I would enjoy the very process of writing (which I do), the process of getting the cover designed, the book edited, the entire thing laid out and then printed. And that is the reason to write a book. For me. And if anyone else benefits in the process (which I hope they would), then awesome. And in essence, I am everyone, as I am an infinite being in the Universe, so we all get to enjoy the journey.

Now, that I am clear on my WHY, I feel inspired to finish my book. And furthermore, I hope I may have inspired others through the truth of this post who may be considering writing a book, or are struggling with writers block with a book they have already started.

Write a book for you. Write a book because you would love to. Write a book because you feel you have something to share. Write a book because you know you will enjoy the experience. Because the moment you make it about anything other than that, the meaning will be gone, as will the impetus to write it.

Hope this is helpful to you all my darlings.

Sending you lots of love and light,

Kat x x x

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Awesome books to read

The Celestine Prophecy – James Redfield


The Little Prince – Antoine De Saint-Exupery


The Alchemist – Paolo Coelho


Image gratitude – http://pakhandipandit007.wordpress.com/ 

Do what you love (Part 2)


‘Find something you are passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.’

– Julia Child –

A few months ago I wrote a blog post entitled ‘Do what you love (Part 1). Today I feel inspired to write a follow up to it, because intuitively, that is the feeling I had for the subject of my blog post when I woke up this morning.

As I mentioned yesterday, I haven’t written blog posts for the last couple of weeks. I’m not entirely sure why and can’t explain this, but yesterday was the first time in a little while that I felt to write.

I must say, the Universe responded in the most beautiful and perfect way, to reinforce how important it is for me to be writing and sharing. My post had 30 likes, 7 comments, I picked up quite a few new followers and I had the best stat day I have had in the last month or so.

And furthermore, I wrote the post, without any expectation or agenda. I just wrote it from my heart, put it out into the Universe openly and honestly, and most importantly, I enjoyed the process. I enjoyed writing the post, and I enjoyed sharing my thoughts and feelings.

It just reminded me of how important it is to a) follow the feeling and your intuition (the feeling that I had to write yesterday) b) be present in the moment without expectation or agenda and c) do what I love. I love to write, I love to share and I love to help.


Secondly I ran a workshop last night at our local Meet Up Group ‘Manly Entrepreneurs‘ on Conscious Branding. I was so humbled to be talking to a room of 40+ people about branding and we worked collaboratively to define the values of the ‘Manly Entrepreneurs‘ brand.

Initially I was a little nervous about speaking to a group of people about what I do as it is the first time I have done this since starting my company a year or so ago, but I’m so glad I did. Everyone appreciated the talk, enjoyed the content that I shared and most importantly they loved contributing to creating the brand together.

Holding this event made me feel alive, connected, happy, joyful and present. I was so happy to share my knowledge and apply it to something that I like so much.

So, the thought for the day is this. Are you filling your life with things that you love, and if not, how can you start to? In Part 1, I talk about a ‘Do what you love’ that I have on my fridge which is a constant reminder for me to fill my life with things that I love and that make me happy. Why not write one and stick it on your fridge?

Sending you lots of love, hugs and light,

Kat x x x

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Write 750 words a day (Part 2)


“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”

– Louis L’Amour – 

I wrote a blog post yesterday on the importance of writing every day, and I’m still feeling the urge to write about it today, so I thought I would write a part 2 to that blog post.

So, I have just completed my 750 words for the day at 750words.com and I feel great. I’m also excited to write this blog post, and probably another 2000-4000 words for the book that I am writing at the moment too. And I aim to have all of that done by lunch time, so that I can go out and have an enjoyable afternoon bush walk with Darren.

Especially, because we went on a hike yesterday called the Resolute Loop (about an hour from Sydney) and saw a Wallaby, a snake, a Kookaburra, some turkeys and a Lyre bird.

Today the plan is to do the Spit to Manly walk. One of the best half day walks to do in and around Sydney.

And, before I go on a complete tangent, I just wanted to tell you about a few other cool features that I have found on 750words.com to incentivise you to write every day. Badges.

Streak badges

You can get streak badges for writing for a certain number of days in a row. For example, I have just won the turkey for writing my 750 words for 3 days straight.

750words streak badges

Behaviour badges

You can get behaviour badges for how you write. For example, you can get a Cheetah badge for writing for 10 days in a row and finishing your words in less than 20 minutes. Or you can get a Hamster badge for writing for 10 days in a row with no distractions.

750 words Behaviour badges

Being the game geek that I was growing up, and for my slightly competitive streak, I’m excited to earn some of these badges. And the brilliant thing is, it will only help me get better and better at writing. Win win win!

So, once again, I cannot recommend 750words.com highly enough to anyone wanting to improve their writing style, stop procrastinating when it comes to writing, get back into the habit of writing or start to build their confidence in writing for a blog or a book.

Start using 750 Words, you won’t regret it!

Have a wonderful day.

Sending you lots of love, hugs and light.

Kat x x x

Inspiration for this post


Write 750 words a day (Part 1)


“Creativity requires faith. Faith requires that we relinquish control.” 

– Julia Cameron –

I have just come across this super awesome website called 750words.com and I wanted to share it with y’all.

It is a very simple idea. You write 750 words, that are private, unfiltered and spontaneous, daily. It is for anyone who is wanting to get into the habit of writing, but feel a little rusty. Anyone who is wanting to write a book, but lacks the discipline. And for anyone that perhaps is interested in starting a blog, but wants to have a bit of a practice before committing their words to the World Wide Web.

The concept comes from Julia Cameron’s popular book The Artist’s Way and is referred to at “Morning Pages.”

From Julia’s website: “Morning Pages are three pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing, done first thing in the morning. *There is no wrong way to do Morning Pages*– they are not high art. They are not even “writing.” They are about anything and everything that crosses your mind– and they are for your eyes only. Morning Pages provoke, clarify, comfort, cajole, prioritize and synchronize the day at hand. Do not over-think Morning Pages: just put three pages of anything on the page…and then do three more pages tomorrow.”

I use it to get everything out of my head in the morning and down on to the keyboard. I also use it for setting intentions for the day. And I trust that whatever comes up during the process, is perfect and will help me have clarity on what I wish to achieve or how I would like things to go.

It also gives you some fab stats once you have written your 750 words. It tells you how long it took you to write them, how many words per minute you threw out.


It scans for the words that you used and tells you what frame of mind you were in when you wrote it and what the general content of the post was about.


And it tells you whether you were focussed on the past, future or present, what sense you were referring to when writing (sight, hearing or touch) and how much you refer to I, Us, You and Them.


Super awesome. And a very good way of setting intentions in the present moment.

So, my thought for the day is, write 750 words a day. I’ve only been doing it for a couple of days and I’m loving it.

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Write your story


“The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say.”  

– Anaïs Nin – 

So it is with great pleasure that I can share with you all that I have started writing my book.

This is very big thing for me, as, not only am I a huge fan of books, and have been since I learned to read the age of two (thanks so much for teaching me Ma), but I have also always loved writing.

I loved creative writing growing up, have written a diary on and off since I was 13, and have always had an obsession and fascination with words. So much so, that I used to love reading the dictionary when I was younger. Better still, I used to get excited when I would come across a word in a book that I didn’t know, and would then have a reason to look it up in the dictionary!

I still remember the first time I came across the word demonstrable in Kazuo Ishiguro’s Remains of the Day. He used it to describe the landscape. Such a brilliant word! I also used to love the words I learnt from studying Shakespeare, like oxymoron or onomatopoeia.

I studied English at A-Level and always got A’s in the class for oral work, discussions and debates. But rarely got above a C in my written work, because I didn’t use the correct ‘academic style’, nor would I structure my essays in the right way. My teacher was forever telling me that I couldn’t write in my own style if I wanted to get an A, and I would generally ignore him, because I liked the way I wrote. It was fun and interesting, conversational and creative. Clearly I should have been studying English Language, but equally, I loved studying the books that we wrote about, so perhaps I should have been studying both! My German A Level still hasn’t really done that much for me after all. Well, apart from being able to have really good drunken chats with my beautiful German backpacker friends who I met travelling.

So, the purpose of this post? I have always been nervous about sharing my written thoughts. Despite the fact that people have asked me to write them down and blog about them. And this was especially true just before I was about to set off on my Round the World trip. So many of my friends and family members asked me quite specifically to write a blog about what I got up to and I flatly refused.

At the time, I wanted to be travelling, living in the moment, rather than spending hours a day writing about what I was experiencing. And perhaps more importantly, I have been brought up to be completely and utterly honest and truthful. So, I figured, if I was going to write a blog about my travels, I would need to be very open about my journey, rather than just giving a version of the truth or screening what I did/didn’t want to share.

However, times have changed. I’ve changed. And I have now connected with and embraced my love of writing. So much so, that I started my own blog. And this was a big thing for me. I put it off for months (and my sister will testify to this). And it was only on March of this year that I plucked up enough courage to actually start to articulate my thoughts, views, stories and ideas and be bold enough to pop it up on the t’interwebs for everyone to see. I was scared of being judged, scared of it not being very good, frightened that no one would want to read what I had to say. But I did it anyway, in the hope that I was wrong.

And most importantly, I started my blog with intention. Another reason why I put off writing it for so long. I wanted to make sure that I was doing it for the right reasons. I wanted to make sure that every post was written with purpose. That my blog would mean something to people. That my blog would have the capacity to inspire people to do things they’ve never done before or make positive changes in their lives. And it was only when I got clear on this intention, could I start to write.

And to the book. The book is the blog that I never wrote. The book is an account of the magical mystery tour that my life was between October 2010 (starting the week before my 30th birthday) up until the end of last year December 2012 (when I got my sponsorship and visa to be able to stay in the UK).

I have always wanted to write a book. I have always loved books and have always been inspired by them. And I am so excited to be writing a book that will hopefully inspire others.

So, in short, if you want to start a blog or write a book. Do it. Write your story.

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Me 🙂