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I offer Inspirational and Intuitive Mentoring.

Thought Hug Session

Lost? Stuck? Confused? Uncertain? Feel like you’re at a cross-roads in your life? Know that you want to make a change, but not sure where to start? Got a business idea or project, but not sure whether it’s any good? In desperate need of some clarity, direction and motivation?

Then you need a Thought Hug.


What is a Thought Hug?

A 60 minute consultation in person (if you live in Sydney) or over Skype if you’re anywhere else in the world.

I use a blend of Numerology, Life Coaching, Mentoring and Intuitive Strategy to help you find clarity & direction in your life right now and understand what the next steps are that you should take.

How will a Thought Hug help you? 

At the end of the session you will have:

  • A clear direction and an Action Plan for how to move forward positively in your life
  • An email from me clearly outlining recommended next steps that you should take
  • An audio recording of our session that you can listen to again

How much does a Thought Hug cost?


How do I request a Thought Hug?

Drop me a message below, email or call me on +61 (0) 468 351 334 and we can set up a meeting in person in Manly, Sydney or a Skype call.

What people are saying about my Thought Hugs

“Thank you Kat . . . just finished our Thought Hug . . . really nice and helpful . . . the clouds are gone now I need some action . . . happy chat and advice . . . you are an amazing person and I’m grateful for having started following your blog . . and talking with you about my messy mind. . . I can see clearly now. . 🙂 And I promise you I will put all my energy to receive the right feedback from the Universe. . . :)”Peggy Be

“Big thank you to Kat for an awesome Thought Hug! Great feedback on my latest project and the direction that I’m taking at the moment to follow my truth.”Tom Bass

‘OMG Thought Cloud Collective and Kat Kinnie, you have just ignited a bonfire in me after our thought hug today! I am so excited I want to shout it to the world! Can’t wait to get started and create an awesome ME!!!! xxxxxx’Kristy Smith

‘What a huge help and difference 1 hour can make, thanks to the one and only Kat Kinnie. You are truly brilliant at what you do!”Mitch Davis

“Hi Kat, it was so great to meet you at our first Thought Hug on Monday. Im so inspired now to get my message out and hands busy, seeing more and more people. The world needs more massages and more (thought) hugs!” – Christine Walter

“Thanks to Kat for the Thought Hug! She gave us lots of awesome inspiration and ideas for the future of Fifty-One! The future’s looking very bright people!!!” – Jon Wolfgang Miller

I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today, and Blue Penguin Travel wouldn’t be where it is without the amazing talents of Kat Kinnie and Thought Cloud – they truly are an inspiration! 

Our first session together – our Thought Hug – provided such clarity for me and was completely fundamental to the development of my own business, and the catalyst for me to make my dream a reality. 

At the beginning of the session I simply had a vague business idea, and after spending time with Kat this became a fully realised and clear business concept. By offering unreserved support and incredibly useful advice Kat gave me the confidence and belief in myself and my business idea to enable me to move forward and develop Blue Penguin Travel. 

Following on from our Thought Hug, Kat provided excellent support with an incredibly well constructed process and structure and Kat set extremely useful tasks and goals, as well as listened to my own ideas and ambition and adapted the processes accordingly to suit my needs.  

I would recommend Kat and Thought Cloud completely and utterly without reservation – and believe it really can make all the difference to your business and your life! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” – Nicola Barnard

“I was lucky enough to spend some quality-time with Kat Kinnie, which was a privilege as well as a pleasure. The power of this time was transformational. I went from having new year’s resolutions to having results in a matter of days. When I first met Kat, all I had was pipe dreams and potential; now I have a business-to-be, with a brand and a website in the making, and a mission and a plan already in place. These are mine – they were inside of me, but I needed the energy and self-belief to realise them, and this is what came from the Cloud and bounced off the walls when I was with Kat.

The very concept of Thought Cloud is inspirational and its founder a true Katalyst for positive change, in your life and in your career. Kat is an inspiration on both a personal and professional level. She has led by example, fostering the potential of others to blossom into successful business-owners in the same way she has herself. What is forming is a very brilliant collective of minds and ideas that I’m excited to be a part of.

I truly believe that what is coming out of and through and via the Thought Cloud Collective are ideas that can change the world. When it comes to your own life, it starts by challenging and changing the way you think in order to accomplish your aims. The value of validation of your dreams and the power of a push in the right direction are truly priceless. All of that can be gained in one Thought Hug. Imagine what more you can achieve when you connect with the experience and talent at your fingertips by further engaging with Thought Cloud. You are setting yourself up to succeed.” – Sara Litchfield

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2 thoughts on “Work with me

  1. Hey Kat, It makes sense to start your morning with a Thought Hug, although initially I didn’t quite grasp the concept until our little conversation this morning… What is a Thought Hug? For me it’s where 2 or more minds come together to bounce and realign your mental and heart vibes, get you back on the ‘good vibration’ flex which gives you clarity amongst the muddy thoughts that bog our minds down i.e the ego or inner doubt talks… Big love to you Kat – Thought Hug is a wonderful way to start the day x

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