JFDI (Just flipping do it)


“And every day that you want to waste, that you want to waste, you can
And every day that you want to wake up, and you want to wake, you can
And every day that you want to change, that you want to change, yeah
I’ll help you see it through ’cause I just really want to be with you”

– Foster the People –

I’ll admit that I can be an awesome procrastinator. In fact, if it was an Olympic sport, I’d definitely make it to the podium. However on the flip side, I’m also really good at committing to a task and a deadline and just deciding to do something.

There is something really special and exciting about throwing caution to the wind, asking yourself ‘what’s the worst that could happen?’ and deciding to do something that you’ve always wanted to do, but have been putting it off for some reason.

Recently a good friend of mine from the UK came over the Australia for a holiday and while he was here spent a bit of time with us in Sydney. He’d been toying with the idea of moving to Oz for a while, not 100% happy with his job or living situation, but a little uncertain or overwhelmed with the idea of moving so far away from home.

After being in Australia for just a week or so, and before he even came to see us, he’d decided that he was going to move here, which was awesome. And today, I received a message confirming that within a week of getting back home he had organised a Working Holiday Visa and a one way ticket to fly out here in September. So exciting, so fantastic, so brilliant!

Yet another person in my life who has decided to take action, make a positive change in their life and do something different.

So the question is, what thing have you been putting off in your life that you’d secretly really love to do, but are a little frightened to, or you think it’s too hard or too difficult?

What thing do you just need to decide that you’re going to do, commit to and give yourself a deadline by which to complete it?

Life’s pretty simple and awesome when you decide to JFDI.

Inspiration for this post

Waste by Foster the People

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