How to manifest


“Everything you can imagine is real.”

– Pablo Picasso –

So I have been reading a lot of books, doing a lot of learning and reflecting and raising my level of consciousness over the last few months. I’ve also been educating myself in the way of The Law of Attraction, understanding the Power of the Universe, how our thoughts create our reality, that anything is possible and that we have the ability to create literally anything we truly desire.

So, how do you take all of this learning and apply it to your life in order to be able to manifest experiences that you would LOVE to have? Well, I have created a list of things that I believe (if followed correctly) mean that we can manifest anything we love.

The only limitation is how big you wish to dream and how creative and active your imagination is!

The important thing I find, before starting the process, is to start small and work up to bigger things. So for example, on Sunday I set an intention for Darren’s best friend Leanne and her boyfriend Adam to come over for dinner. Darren told me it was unlikely that they’d be free at such short notice, but I knew that I would love to see them both, share a delicious roast dinner together and catch up, so I decided that it would happen. And it did.

So, here are my 15 steps to manifesting.

1. Decide that you would LOVE to experience something. Importantly this must be something that you would LOVE. It cannot be something you want or need, because then your desire is coming from a place of ego.

2. Set the intention and ask the Universe, and be as specific as you can about the experience. Who will be involved, where will it take place and when.

3. Take immediate action to show the Universe that you would truly love to have this experience. E.g. Darren sent a text to Leanne straight away, and then I also gave her a call a little while later and left a message. The more action you take (without trying to control the situation), the more the Universe knows that you desire the experience you have set the intention for.

4. Take regular daily action relating to the intention you have set if it is something slightly bigger. For example, if you have set an intention to get a new job, or have a $1m business, the amount of action and the duration of time that you’ll need to take regular action is going to be greater than desiring someone to come over for dinner. The bigger the experience, the greater the action and the longer the duration of time you need to take it.

5. Write your daily gratitudes. This is one thing that I have found to be very important in the realm of manifesting. The Universe will only give you more of what you would love, if it knows that you are appreciative and grateful for everything that you have NOW. I have been writing gratitudes every morning when I wake up for the last 7 days and I have already seen a massive transformation in my power to manifest. The Universe wants to reward you for being grateful.

6. Be open to receiving. This is also another key part of manifesting. It is one thing to set an intention, but if you aren’t open to everything and everyone that the Universe sends your way, you won’t be able to manifest. Furthermore, the things and people who the Universe sends to you may be (on the surface) completely unrelated to what you are wanting to manifest. The important thing is to be open to receiving and trust that everything happens for a reason. All you need to do is receive and the Universe will continue to give you more of what you truly desire.

7. Be present. In order to notice the things and people who the Universe is sending to you, you need to be as present as you can, living in the moment. If you are stuck in your head in the past or the future, you won’t be aware or conscious of what the Universe is sending to you.

8. Be grateful in every moment that the Universe gives you something you have wished for. Don’t get complacent. Every time that you notice that the Universe has given you something you have asked for say Thank You and follow it with More Please. So you are letting it know you’re open to receive more.

9. Do good every day. The Universe loves to reward people who are paying things forward. Even if it’s something small like opening a door for someone, baking a cake for a neighbour, buying flowers for someone who is poorly. The Universe will reward every good deed you do, no matter how big or small.

10. Do what you love every day. This is where it’s very important for you to have a LOVE LIST. The Universe wants to reward people who are doing at least one thing they love every day. The more you are filling your life with the things you love, the Universe will give you more of the experiences you would love to have.

11. Believe that the experience will happen. The Universe can’t help people who don’t believe. You must believe with every ounce of your being, in your head and in your heart that what you truly desire to happen, will happen. If there is any ounce of doubt in you, you won’t be able to manifest. You need to visualise yourself experiencing what you wish you experience, in the exact place, with the exact people. The more thought and energy you put into this belief, the easier it is for the Universe to give you that experience.

12. Trust the Universe is there to help you. Anyone that is mistrusting of the Universe, others, themselves, won’t be open to receiving, won’t be rewarded and won’t be able to manifest. Trust is a very important component of manifesting.

13. Let go of your intention. Do not get attached to it any way shape or form. If you are attached to it, there is expectation and the Universe is much less likely to make your wish come true. If you are attached it becomes a want or a need from your ego. If you are detached, it is something that you would love, but that doesn’t define you or your happiness.

14. Go with the flow. The Universe loves it when we go with the flow. If we are flexible in our thoughts, feelings and behaviour, it makes it much easier for the Universe to help us experience things we’d love to experience. Very importantly, don’t try to control things. If you try to control what you’re trying to manifest, it will be very hard for the Universe to help you.

15. Enjoy every moment. It is very important when manifesting to live in the present. If you are in the past or the future, you are not present to the things and people who the Universe is sending you in order to help you manifest. If you’re not sure what this means, read my post on how to be present.

And most importantly, when you are wanting to manifest, the experience must be something that you would love to experience, include people you’d love to share the experience with and in a place you would love to be.

I also watched a great movie recently called Ruby Sparks that takes the idea of manifesting to a very literal level. A great film that I can highly recommend. It’s from the Directors of Little Miss Sunshine, and it features Steve Coogan, for any Alan Partridge fans out there.

Sending you lots of love, hugs and light,

Kat x x x

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