It’s time to wake up


“For many who may not even have realized it, the process of awakening has already begun. For some, it may have begun through loss or suffering; for others, through coming into contact with a spiritual teacher or teaching, through reading The Power of Now or some other spiritually alive and therefore transformational book—or any combination of the above.

An essential part of awakening is recognizing the unawakened you, the ego as it thinks, speaks, and acts—as well as the conditioned mental processes that perpetuate that state. You cannot fight against the ego and win; it will trick you into identifying with it again and again. It will take you over, an imposter pretending to be you.

But when you recognize the unconsciousness in you, that is your consciousness awakening. It is the act of recognition itself that is one of the ways in which awakening happens.”

– Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose – 

So I’ve been wrestling with a few pretty profound questions for a while now, all centered around the meaning of life, and our purpose as human beings on this planet. 

The questions have most notably arisen, since just before Christmas, after I gained my sponsorship and visa in Australia through Thought Cloud, and interestingly enough, after I discovered that I’m a 22 Life Path and after having my tarot cards read, by my beautiful friend Cat who is a clairvoyant. 

Since then I can safely say that I have definitely been on a journey of spiritual awakening and discovery. A journey that I am still enjoying might I add. And I think this is one of the reasons why I decided to start to write a blog, so that I could share all of the wonderful and amazing learning’s that I was gaining. In the hope of spreading the love and discoveries far and wide. 

In experiencing what I have been experiencing over the last 6 months in particular, I have definitely felt like I have awoken from a coma. Or perhaps better still, my zombification, has been reversed. And this has actually been a gradual awakening, that actually predates December 2012. 

My stopping of watching the news or reading newspapers. My decision to start to eat organic and use toiletries that don’t contain carcinogens or harmful ingredients. My commitment to the word ‘love’ and it’s importance in my day-to-day life. The tattoos I have had done to remind me of this commitment every day, ‘All you need is love’ on my left wrist, ‘Love is all you need’ on my right wrist.


And a tattoo of the molecular structure of an Oxytocin molecule on the inside of my right forearm, to remind me of the most beautiful and amazing hormone in the human body, the ‘love’ hormone.


My decision to leave the corporate world and set up my own company doing what I love (mentoring, marketing and branding). And have that company exist to help others do what they love. I could go on for quite some time with this list . . . .

However, I also feel like it has been coming for quite some time, as do others that I talk to about this awakening. I feel like I’m a volcano that has laid dormant for decades. That has had stuff bubbling up inside of me for a while, and now is the time to erupt. Now is the time to wake up. 

I feel like I am really starting to connect with my true self and my destiny. I’m starting to understand for the first time in my life, why I’m here, what my purpose is and how I can live a life full of peace, love, joy and abundance. 

And as I continue to further awaken and learn these incredible discoveries, I will be sharing them with you all, my beautiful readers. 

So to conclude I will leave you with one fantastic video that I have just watched, that indeed prompted me to write this post. It’s great and further explains the meaning behind and inside this post. 


Lots of love, light and hugs x x x

Inspiration for this post

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